This paper describes the successful permanent installation of the first distributed-temperature-sensing (DTS) system in an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) field and processes used in the workover completion. Successful installation was achieved through a combination of effective planning and field execution before and during the completion period. This paper also describes engineering challenges and unique solutions applied to overcome them. The DTS data analysis techniques used for the initial injectivity test are briefly discussed.

The full-field offshore application of an immiscible water-alternating-gas (WAG) process involves simultaneous injection of water and gas to the reservoir formation. Using a sweeping mechanism, water displaces hydrocarbon downwards while gas displaces hydrocarbon upwards, thereby, achieving an efficient microscopic and macroscopic sweep. Thus, the requirement for a technology that can provide both injection profiling and geothermal delineation is essential. DTS surveillance is not a new technology; however, its application in production-optimization process is new and provides insight on sweep efficiency. Higher lift costs and lower oil prices make it even more critical that installations are trouble-free and executed on time.

The number of EOR projects has been growing in Malaysia in recent years. Malaysia's first large-scale EOR project was recently completed offshore Terengganu, representing an investment by a local profit sharing company (PSC) and successful collaboration with a service company for execution. It is a priority that specific criteria are set to ensure the execution process does not only provide required reliability but also complies with health, safety, and environmental (HSE) standards. Thereby, as a continuous and progressive step, project management is of utmost importance in ensuring strategic planning is unique and reliable throughout the duration of the project, specifically for each respective operator.

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