During a market condition that is characterized by volatile oil price, there is a strong incentive in the Oil & Gas Industry on maximizing the hydrocarbons recovery from existing fields, rather than initiating new field developments.

For offshore deep water field applications, subsea boosting technologies are considered to be a solution to improve the field recovery, while also acting as enabling technology that allows for development of deep, harsh and stranded reserves, which otherwise deemed non-accessible.

This paper presents the performances and application area of two novel subsea boosting solutions developed by Aker Solutions:

  • The boosting of condensate and oil as well as pressure increase by water injection through high pressure subsea pumps

  • The subsea boosting of gas flow with associated liquid, though high performance subsea compression.

Special focus is given to the subsea centrifugal pump and compression technologies and how these new solutions can solve the existing challenges represented by providing high performance pressure boosting for both oil production with high gas content, as well as gas production with high liquid content.

Highlights on the key features of these novel technologies are provided, with specific focus on the benefits the technology brings to the market, like the high differential pressure generated together with the high efficiency and mechanical stability. These are all game changers for deep water IOR developments.

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