Integrated Offshore oil and gas EPC project (IOEPC) is increasingly becoming tougher to manage, as project dimensions and definitions are ever expanding, in order to achieve cost effective field development within the stipulated time frame. The outreach of Interface Management (IM) links directly to all prime project elements to achieve project goals in terms of safety, Quality, schedule & budget. Robust project specific IM plan and procedure is the key document. Systematic model-based IM covering both internal & external interfaces helps to achieve excellent results in project performance. Comprehensive well documented milestone driven Interface Register addresses the flow of issue based information between ‘Requestor’ and ‘Responder’ at the appropriate time, is the essence of success in implementing model based IM system.

For a mega project of TIC > 1.0 BUSD, the model needs to be software driven incorporating various value added algorithms. Web-based IM Module application is a preferred solution for managing remotely when stakeholders are in multiple locations. The benefits of implementing effective IM systems are numerous. The key determinant to derive the outstanding benefits of the IM system is to evaluate the impact in Scope-change, safety, QA/QC and associated risk before accepting data/information from the Responder. One can amply be benefitted by comprehending and adopting the systematic model based IM system. It can potentially save in the excess of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars by avoiding rework, delays, and subsequent production loss for managing integrated offshore mega projects. One of the key lessons learned is when IM is implemented, the possibility of the project success increases dramatically.

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