Motion analysis of offshore structures in close vicinity is critical for safe and effective operation. The objective of this article is to study the hydrodynamic motion of TLP and semisubmersible in close vicinity both experimentally and numerically. For experimental study, model tests have been conducted in UTM towing tank. In the experiment, it is quite difficult to model the mooring lines, so, springs have been used to provide the stiffness for the two floating models. The springs are attached diagonally to the bodies. Each model will be taut with a spring at each corner diagonally at 45 degree angle. The stiffness of each spring is equal, representing the stiffness for the horizontal plane motion. For numerical analysis, ANSYS-AQWA will be used. The same configuration of the model test will be replicated in the numerical analysis. The analysis will be done in time domain. Airy wave theory will be used for studying the effect of regular waves. The effects of wind and current will be ignored. In this article, the effect of TLP motion on the semisubmersible's hydrodynamic characteristics will be observed. The observation will be done by comparing the results of the interfacing effect with the hydrodynamic characteristics of single semisubmersible. Also, in this article, a noble truncation method will be proposed for more accurate model test that is going to be conducted in near future

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