This paper is to provide the technical overview of the challenges encountered during the hull block heavy lifting for Malikai tension leg platform (TLP). This paper covers the methodology for the integration of the upper column block during the construction phase.

The 500 MT upper column hull block is required to be installed at a height of about 30 meters from ground. The lifting operation required usage of two (2) nos. of 1600 MT crawler cranes, which is the biggest crawler crane available in the market. A lifting procedure was prepared covering the operation, design criteria and analysis for assessments on the structural integrity of the block. The cranes and lifting gears to be used were determined and evaluated based on worst case scenarios.

Site preparations involved clearing and barricading of the operation area, ground works, cranes and other supporting equipment, facilities, lifting and installation aids such as padeyes, back-up structures, strong-backs, corbel, guide and dog plates. The lifting operations have two (2) stages. The first stage is lifting of the block from temporary supports and the second stage is shifting and installation onto the final position. The heavy lifting and integration operations for four (4) upper column hull blocks were carried-out safely and successfully within January 2015 to March 2015.

Since this is the first Tension Leg Platform (TLP) Hull constructed in Malaysia, the heavy lifting of the upper column hull blocks was treated as a critical operation. The multiple challenges and lesson learnt by production engineering and construction team during the lifting operations would be beneficial for future projects of similar structure within this region.

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