This paper focuses on tubing material selection study conducted for a high CO2 oil field located offshore of Peninsular Malaysia.

The field's CO2 concentration varied laterally and with depth. The highest CO2 concentration of 66 mol% in gas had been recorded from well test and fluid data. This resulted in severe corrosive environment in the wells. Based on the well surveys, many existing wells which were completed with API-5CT L80-13Cr had suffered from localised corrosion within a span of two (2) years of production. Existing material selection was revisited in order to prevent corrosion in future development wells. An important change made was to conduct material qualification test specific for the field conditions on several corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) materials. The details of the test and findings are presented. To better understand the corrosion severity in existing well completion, well survey results are also discussed.

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