The paper briefly discusses the present trend in removal of slick, and puts forward a revolutionary methodology for the same in the form of CSASSB, Cok Sorbent carrying Automated Sub-Surface Boats.

The paper is divided into two parts, the first part discusses the effectiveness of the use of CSASSB's and compare it with the currently used counterparts. The second part discusses the suitability of cork as the appropriate absorbing material. The cork absorbent material is subject to a heat treatment to uncrease its hydrophobicity, its lightness and absorbtion capacity. The working of CSASSB's involves a five step process. The above paper discusses all the above mention steps in detail.

The CSASSB is considerably more fuel effective and eco-friendly than the current ships that are used for the remediation of aquatic oil spills. This system is simple, yet effective. Moreover, the heat treated cork as a sorbent for oil removal in aquatic environment with advantage of being a natural and ecological product. Hence, the CSASSB system with the aid of cork sorbent keeps the ecosystem healthy by removing toxic slick.

The utilization of automated unmanned boats for the skimming of oil has not been introduced. This paper underscores on the feasibility and the advantages of deploying an autonomous vehicle for the same.

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