The patented SWIT technology enables production and injection of clean sea water directly from the seabed, a flexible and cost effective solution. The technology, proven and ready to use, enables a step change in reservoir and asset management, accelerating production and increasing recovery. A new test proved that a combination of SWIT and membranes can produce low salinity and sulphate free water for a long time without any degradation in performance.

The SWIT technology offers a different approach to how reservoir and assets are managed and produced. Cleaning the surrounding sea water at the seabed and feeding directly into subsea injection wells is a completely different concept than the traditional topside approach. The benefits are significant from many aspects; reduced weight and area required topside; no long reach platform water injectors (WI) required; acceleration of production; increased recovery through flexible and phased deployment of the WI capacity required.

In 2009 – 2010, a 15 months full scale pilot test was carried out at the seabed in the Oslo fjord. The SWIT cleaned water was pumped to shore to NIVA Marine Research Centre for monitoring and testing. The results exceeded expectations and documented superior water quality for WI compared to traditional topside facilities. The Joint Industry Project (JIP) companies verified the results and technology is ready to be used in field applications. SWIT has been approved via technology qualification program with major oil companies.

The superior quality water from SWIT, including the ability to control the chlorine level very accurately, paves the way for producing low sulphate and low salinity water at seabed. A second test proved that SWIT feeding membranes make membranes last very long without any degradation in performance or maintenance requirement. SWIT combined with membranes therefore enables low sulphate and low salinity water injection from seabed. Currently planning is ongoing to design and build a full integrated sulphate free and low salinity water facility at the seabed.

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