One of the methodologies for developing deep water oil and/or gas fields may call for the use of a Tension Leg Well head Platform (TLWP). The TLWP supports the well heads above the water line and allows for drilling and well intervention. The TLWP is assisted by a Tender Assisted Drill rig (TAD) that provides many of the drilling services. The presented TLWP is intended for use in the more benign areas in the world, i.e. non-hurricane / non-cyclonic regions. The design of the TLWP includes a variation of the balance of the typical design parameters which leads to overall improvement of satisfying the various requirements. One of the design parameter which is addressed is a simplified marine system combined with a hull and pontoon framing methodology. The objective is to make the hull as passive as possible, i.e. minimal human activities required inside the hull. A second design parameter addressed is a hull form where the displacement can be changed with reduced impact on the major structural elements. The objective is to minimize the impact on construction if there are significant weight changes late in the project, typically weight growth. A third design parameter is a deck layout which allows the drill riser to travel fully deployed across the entire well bay. The objective is to facilitate and speed up the drilling program.

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