PETRONAS is currently operating more than 10,000 km of offshore and onshore pipeline system. More than 60% of the pipelines are ageing as they have been operated for more than 25 years and require integrity assessment and life extension to sustain the future design life as well to accommodate increase in oil and gas production.

The life extension will require repair and rehabilitation as one of the important activities in order to sustain the extended service life and to meet the regulatory requirements.

PETRONAS has developed an innovative composite repair solution for repairing and rehabilitating offshore and onshore pipeline, riser and piping. It is a permanent repair solution for external / internal corrosion damages, strengthening of the pipe, and can be applied in both wet and dry condition. The composite is designed, tested and qualified in accordance with ISO 24817 standard recommended practice.

This paper will describe the application of the composite repair solution that successfully prevented opportunity loss and sustaining the technical integrity of the facility.

In specific, it will discuss on a number of case studies of repairing riser, pipeline and piping designed to ASME B31.4, B31.8 and B31.3 codes respectively.

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