Low cost, high technology and fast ROP are three main factors which related to successful development of unconventional shale gas all over the world. Local operator and international operator are using different approaches to develop shale gas in Sichuan basin, where is a hot place for shale gas chasers in China. Both operators have some filed application lesson learnt to improve drilling efficiency and save cost during past 3 years:

  • Flexible local well structure optimization design reduces loss risk.

  • Local factory drill is proven to improve working efficiency and reduce cost per well.

  • Local service providers help to reduce cost, especially, local DD/MWD/LWD service.

  • Local Well placement concept reduces downhole collapse issue through filed application lesson learnt.

  • New push to bit and point to bit combination tool has high efficiency to improve ROP, especially, in curve section.

  • Near bit gamma ray/Gamma ray image is a useful tool for high dip angle / multi-faults formation horizontal section well placement, to avoid geological sidetrack.

  • Bit optimization helps to improve ROP and extend downhole working life.

Through above filed applications, average cost of international operator is 1.7 times of local operator, but on bottom ROP is 1.5 times faster than local operator. Both operators' drilling efficiency has average 70% improve which based on previous 3 years learning curves.

Local operator tries to factory drill 6 wells per pad with 300m well spacing and 8 wells per pad with 400/500m well spacing separately next step and find the best well placement to improve production in Sichuan basin. The production target of unconventional shale gas will be attempted to 600-1000 X 108 m3 per year until 2020.

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