A Flexible Lightweight Composite Pipe Design for High-Tension Installation by S-Laying

1. Significance of Subject Matter

The present research proposes generally a noncorrosive, high-tension and flexible composite pipe and the design formulations of such a pipe. The pipe is comprising an internal thermoplastic liner play as a fluid-tight internal cover, one or more helical wounding layers applied to the internal liner for absorbing pressure loads, and one or more additional helical wounding layers applied for absorbing axial and bending loads. All the layers are manufactured from a lightweight composite material consisting of epoxied matrix reinforced by long continuous fibers.

2. Application

The pipe is design to fit the S-laying installation to be used in particular, although not exclusive, as utility in offshore (e.g., continental shelf) or onshore for the transportation of petroleum oil and gas or other fluids.

3. Description of Material/Methodology

Although composite pipes have a high axial and bending stiffness and are constructed with a solid pipe wall which withstand all design loads, pipes of composite materials are not yet used for offshore applications, but are under development. However, these pipes are based on bonded composite technology, which results in a pipe which has high strength, but also high stiffness. Therefore, a theoretical model based on laminated composite shell theories involving a mathematical treatment for laminations scheme will draw. As well as, an optimizations study on these schemes will introduce.

4. Results, Observations and Conclusions

In this paper, the proposed model shall use to examine the reliability of offshore flexible pipeline. Several types of composite materials and scheme will examine to fit the operational aspects of the proposed pipe. Results would optimize toward having best design parameter such as wall and lamina thickness, laminations scheme, and fiber orientation.

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