In many oil and gas developments with multiphase flow lines, production instability due to slugging is a major flow assurance concern. Slugging initiates oscillations, puts excessive demands upon the separation and operation, and increases the wear and tear of equipment. Large liquid surges can cause poor performance, separator shut down, high pressure trips, or flaring. An integrated separation system has been developed to provide high separation efficiency through effective handling of sand and slug, energy efficient inlet heating, stable 3-phase separation (gas, oil and water) with efficient liquid droplet removal and with minimal pressure drop.

The compact integrated system is applicable for all facilities performing three phase separation both onshore and offshore, facilities with space limitations, waxy fluid services, facilities with slugging issues, facilities with sand issues and motion sensitive issues such as FPSO.

Several units were successfully installed in various countries such as TGT FPSO for HLJOC, Vietnam, D1 FPSO ONGC, India and PETRONAS Carigali facility in Anjung Kecil & Kayu Manis, Malaysia. The installations have demonstrated CAPEX, weight and footprint savings of up to 50 percent compared to conventional separator system.

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