Conventionally a standalone topside process model can only achieve production increment of up to 1%. In order to achieve higher production increment, an integrated topside process and subsurface model is required. This modeling technique requires the integration of different modeling platforms for reservoir, wells, headers, topside facility, interconnecting pipelines between platforms and re-injection wells back to the reservoir. The main challenge is to develop a seamless interface communication between the different modeling platforms.

PETRONAS has developed the link and global optimization engine to achieve seamless communication between the various Integrated Optimization tools such as PROSPER, GAP, and OLGA and iCON for steady-state and dynamic environment through parametric run approach. This allows faster diagnostic and effective decisions making in determining the topside optimum operating conditions.

To date, this integrated surface and subsurface optimization approach has realized up to 5% production increase from several platforms in Sarawak Operations. This paper also discusses the current and future application of the integrated approach for PETRONAS Carigali Integrated Transient Network Modeling (ITNM) and Integrated Operation (IO) projects.

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