Many researchers have studied on the flow around a steel riser for the vibration and fatigue analyses that are the principal challenges in riser design and fabrication. It is a demand to enhance our knowledge about vortex-induced vibration effects (VIV) on the risers in deep-water for oil extraction.

VIV is the main factor to predict the long life of the risers. In this study, the fatigue estimation of steel riser in deep water will be numerically investigated, and then design parametric study respect to some design parameter such as mass ratio and aspect ratio of riser will be done.

The motion of the riser and flow pattern around it will be examined in detail. This fluid structure interaction (FSI) problem will be solved by commercial code ANSYS. Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations (RANS) and some turbulent models will be employed in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for force calculation and finite element (FM) method will be used for structural analysis. For validation purpose, the numerical results will be compared with other research works. Next, the effect of design parameter on vibration and fatigue life of steel riser will be explored.

Hopefully, new findings of the current study can be useful for riser research and design.

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