During 2012, a single zone low permeability sand in an offshore HPHT gas well in the North Malay Basin was succesfully stimulated with hydraulic fracturing treatment utilizing skid mounted hysdraulic fracturing equipment from a supply vessel. This is the first offshore Malaysia HPHT frac operation peforming treatment from a supply vessel combining with the use of wellhead isolation tool and high temperature hydraulic fracturing fluid. Historical offshore Malaysia fracture treatments were performed with a drilling rig present.

The zone is a dry gas sandstone reservoir, 30% CO2, pore pressure of 0.87 psi/ft, fracure gradient of 0.92 psi/ft, permeability of 0.1-0.5 md and temperatures approaching 400 deg. F at 10,000ft TVDSS. The wellhead isolation tool, fracturing fluids were designed to safely establish the viability of HPHT hydraulic fracturing in the North Malaysia Joint Development Area.

The intent of the project was to provide proof of economic concept for development of single stacked tight gas sandstone pay intervals with platform based HPHT hydraulic fracturing through a combination of industry standard tchnologies used in other areas of the world, but rarely in Malaysia. Single zone production rates will allow economic development of additional low permeability zones in this well as well as additional wells that were previously deemed marginally economical to develop. While significant uncertainty still exists with regard to the drainage radius and productivity of the single zone, initial results have proven that hydraulic fracturing has connected multiple channels as seen on the log. This has improved the well capacity above productivity established through pre-frac well test and pressure buildup analysis.

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