An innovative sand control technology is being developed that has the capability to totally conform to the wellbore and apply a positive stress on the formation face. This positive stress helps stabilize the formation, thereby preventing formation resorting. It is a shape memory polymer with the capability to change geometric shapes by heating above the glass transition temperature (Tg) or by chemically shifting its Tg. This shape memory polymeric material is molded to an initial geometric shape. The material is then heated and compacted to a smaller volume for run-in hole (RIH) geometry. As any shape memory polymer, it can recover its original shape if heated close to its Tg, or by chemically shifting its Tg to a new lower temperature that of its original Tg. This paper will present the results of additives added to completion fluids, giving the final fluid composition the ability to activate the polymer to its original shape, and simultaneously clean up the filter cake left by the drilling fluid before the polymer reaches the wellbore. The additives are delayed so the filter cake retains fluid loss properties during activation, but breaks shortly after the polymer reaches the gauge-hole there by allowing for production at maximum flow rates.

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