Description of the Proposed Paper:

Effective removal of contaminants from drilling fluids is widely accepted as a key factor in achieving optimum drilling performance and reducing fluid cost - but it also plays a critical role in minimizing environmental discharge. This paper describes the development, qualification, field testing and full scale systems results of arevolutionarysolids control solution that provides advances on several aspects that conventional equipment is infested with. The findings presented are based on results obtained on the full scale system utilized on Maersk Giant, located in the North Sea.


The introductionof the VCS system on Maersk Giant have demonstrated a substantial reduction in fluid adhesion on cuttings, improved filtration resulting in reduced operational cost.

As the focus on HSE in the drilling environment continues to intensify, drilling technologies must adapt to meet governmental and industry standards. With the lightweight vacuum conveyer system (VCS)described here, operators now have a revolutionary way to handle drilling fluids and solids. Studies and field tests show that it provides a significant improvement in safety and environmental risks during drilling operations.

Results, Observations, and Conclusions:

This intelligent fluid management system makes a positive impact on HSE conditions for onshore and offshore workers in the following ways:

  • Health benefits:

    • Elimination of oil mist/vapor and chemical exposure to personnel

    • Elimination of vibration: No need for structural reinforcement because of weight and structural low frequency vibration

    • Noise reduced to 68 dBA, well below recommended NORSOK standard of 83 dBA (for 12 hours working day)

  • Safety benefits:

    • No gas (H2S) released

  • Environmental benefits:

    • Less mud discharge offshore

    • Less waste liability

Significance of Subject Matter:

Reducing waste, costs, and health, safety and environmental impacts are always top of mind within the petroleum industry. For decades, the same shaker technology was used with no viable alternative. Today, engineers can benefit from increased production, lower waste, cost and environmental impact with the MudCube. Deployment is easy, proven and effective - and the time to act is now.

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