The IMO's International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code) entered in to force on 1 January 2017 and provides, for the first time, an international regulatory framework for ships operating in Polar waters. In addition to technical regulations, the Polar Code requires that the Polar Ship Certificate should reference a methodology to assess operational capabilities and limitations in ice: essentially setting operational limitations for the specific ship navigating in Polar waters. The Polar Operational Limit Assessment Risk Indexing System (POLARIS) has been developed as an acceptable methodology for providing guidance on the operational limitations in ice of ships assigned different ice classes and has been directly referenced by the IMO in the Polar Code. The system was developed as a collaborative effort, drawing on operational and regulatory experience from industry and national administrations with experience in setting navigational limitations for ice covered waters. This paper presents the technical background behind the system and supporting information on its practical use both as a voyage planning tool and as real-time guidance on assessing ice regimes ahead of the ship. Validation of the system in the context of other existing regulatory requirements is discussed. The limitations of the system are explored and commentary and proposals are provided on recommended future enhancements.

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