This paper will study the latest development of the expedition cruise market from lower ice class to latest heavy icebreaker class cruise ships. Expedition cruise industry is growing at the moment quite fast. New designs coming in to the market. Ice classes varies from PC6 to PC2.

The paper will describe current order book for expedition cruise vessels. Aker Arctic developed concept design together with Ponant and Stirling Design International for completely new type of expedition cruise vessel. The Ponant Icebreaker is a heavy PC2 class icebreaking cruise vessel designed to be a world's first truly luxury icebreaking cruise vessel capable to taking passenger to the North Pole. In the paper we will describe what kind of methods were used when selecting the design criteria when operating in extremely harsh environment.

When jumping from PC6 class to PC2 class it is a whole different game, several things must be taking in to account. Environmental impact is also important when designing vessels for fragile Polar environment and selecting the right systems in design phase is important. Passenger safety and comfort is very important. Taking the rules like of the Polar Code and Safe Return to Port rule causes some challenges when designing vessel for high Polar waters. Novel/Additive Information: Designing new type of vessel, which doesn't exist in the market is challenging. New ideas and solutions needs to be evaluated carefully. Selecting the best solutions is an utmost important.

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