High resolution iceberg profiles are an essential element of an intelligent ice management toolkit. This paper describes field work undertaken during the spring and summer of 2015 to test our high resolution, rapid iceberg profiling system and presents some key results obtained.

The profiling system uses a multibeam SONAR for the iceberg keel and a LIDAR for the iceberg sail. The system was used to collect 10 different iceberg profiles in the waters off eastern Newfoundland, ranging in size from 20m to 190m (waterline length). Profiling was performed at a speed of up to 6kts, allowing a 100m (waterline) iceberg to be profiled in under five minutes. The system is able to collect data even when significant vessel roll/pitch is evident and is able to compensate for iceberg movement during the profiling operation. Iceberg profiles created by C-CORE's system are validated by comparison with photographs and also via hydrostatic analysis.

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