Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd. (HMDC) sponsored a R&D initiative in 2012 with the objective of obtaining high quality three dimensional iceberg profiles off the east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. The three dimensional iceberg profiles collected during that program have been used in this work to illustrate the potential benefits to iceberg management which could be realized if towing vessels were outfitted with the equipment required to obtain three dimensional iceberg shapes quickly in the field. Tools have been developed under the further financial support of HMDC to assess the stability of the iceberg in order to identify the preferential towing directions to reduce the likelihood of rolling the iceberg during a tow. A tool has also been developed to allow the user to assess the local shape of the iceberg relative to the towing net to help avoid unfavorable iceberg shapes and slopes. The iceberg shapes have also been used to assess the current iceberg towing net design with recommendations for potential improvements to reduce net slippage during a tow.

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