A floating platform in deep water Eastern Canada is required to withstand iceberg loads and/or be disconnected and towed away only in the event of very large approaching icebergs, leaving the mooring lines and risers in-place, support large topsides and provide large quantities of oil storage in the hull. Additionally, the platform should provide low motion response to storm and ice loads to maximize the operational uptime and facilitate the use of a large number of different riser systems including steel catenary risers (SCR).

This paper presents the details of a Disconnectable Concrete Spar FPSO platform that has been configured to satisfy all the above requirements and is able to be constructed locally in Eastern Canada. The paper describes a number of key features of the Spar shaped hull, mooring and riser systems that are specifically designed to withstand large iceberg loads and other environment loads while maintaining the characteristic low motion response to storm environments. The design helps to minimize disconnection frequency due to approaching icebergs and disconnection may only be required for very large icebergs or ice islands. Additionally, the system has been designed to minimize disconnection and reconnection time.

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