The Hebron Offshore platform is an oil drilling, production, living quarters and storage facility planned to be installed in the Jeanne d’Arc basin on the Grand Banks approximately 350 km east, southeast of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada in 2017.

The platform has three major elements: the modular topside facilities, the reinforced concrete gravity base structure (GBS), and crude oil offloading system (OLS). This paper addresses the current engineering and ongoing construction of the Hebron modern iceberg resistant GBS solution.

Based on the relevant environmental conditions and functional requirements specific to the Hebron GBS project, the following areas will be discussed, focusing on general learnings with future applicability:

  • HSSE

  • Design considerations and constructability

  • Project execution

  • Construction

  • Local content

Conclusion: Significance of Subject Matter: Robust fixed and floating concrete GBS solutions are critical for development of Oil & gas facilities in iceberg prone arctic and subarctic areas. Knowledge and experience transfer are key in ensuring future successful realization of offshore oil and gas projects for demanding areas.

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