Oil and gas exploitation continue in two key harsh environment regions: Grand Banks, Newfoundland and Barents Sea, Norway. Although these regions have different challenges in terms of ice, cold temperatures, and winter storms; one common obstacle is short offshore installation windows. Mitigating a short installation window is a key motivator in considering the use of Pipeline Bundle technology.

Within the UK North Sea, Pipeline Bundles has been a key technology for Subsea 7 in many offshore field developments and expansions over the past 35 years. With the unique ability to be utilised in a number of applications, including: congested lay-down corridors, challenging seabed conditions, and the efficient incorporation of subsea processing elements; the technology offers a flexible design for any subsea field.

To export this key technology differentiator from the UK North Sea, Subsea 7 has conducted a feasibility study to investigate the use of Pipeline Bundles in the Grand Banks region. This paper discusses the various design considerations and installation options needed for the area as well as the technical readiness of the components of the Pipeline Bundle when matched against these requirements.

A way forward is then presented regarding the necessary Pipeline Bundle design and installation option for use in the Grand Banks.

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