A Common Operational Picture (COP) can generally be described as a system of hardware and software that produces a shared display of information to facilitate situational awareness and decision making. A brief history of the development and use of COP technology in Arctic operations is provided. Experience and learnings from ExxonMobil's research into the use of COPs in ice management and Arctic floating drilling is described. Experience gained from simulations, desktop studies, and field observations is used to frame preliminary functional requirements for such technology needed for future Arctic floating drilling operations in high concentration ice. The COP must facilitate the planning and execution of complex and remote operations with many geographically distributed assets (e.g., drilling rig; icebreakers; shore base; manned or unmanned aviation) and stakeholders (e.g., icebreaker captains, drilling management, ice analysts, weather forecasters) at times communicating over limited bandwidth channels. The COP will serve to collect, store, communicate, and display the necessary data and information. The role of COP components (e.g., databases; communication network, displays) is described and functional requirements are outlined.

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