This paper describes some design and development philosophies for Arctic Projects. In order to have success in realizing new projects in Arctic or ice covered areas, these projects need to consider besides operational and technical also social, physiological and political aspects. This means prior such a project should be defined, all aspects need be heard, collected and included in the development of the project. As we have to realize, everyone who will be not directly involved from day one in such projects might be able to stop the project at a later state resulting in a major waste of resources and money. Ambitious and challenging offshore installations in harsh environments have to be designed and optimized totally from an operational point of view taking into consideration the full range of determining factors, such as environmental sensitivity, operational aspects, technical possibilities, investment requirements, lifecycle and operational costs. Each project has to be approached with a tailor-made solution, as it is not possible to copy one project from one location to another location, even if the defining parameters are quite the same. But of course such an existing project might be a good start for developing a new tailor-made project solution.

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