The Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program (CSESP) offers a multidisciplinary, multiyear approach to understanding the Arctic ecosystems of the northeastern Chukchi Sea. A joint effort between ConocoPhillips and Shell, including Statoil from 2010 to 2013, CSESP has been in operation since 2008, beginning directly after Lease Sale 193 and completing its final data collection in summer 2014.

Because of the expansiveness of CSESP and the importance of having reliable, defensible data to support permitting, CSESP has instituted a comprehensive data management program. The program covers all aspects of data collection, quality control and data distribution, which ensure data integrity and standardization throughout all phases of CSESP.

This paper discusses the role that technology plays in CSESP's challenging offshore data collection design including a custom computerized data input system and web-based tools for quality control and data submission. Technology helps CSESP scientists collect data more accurately, automate daily and weekly reports, ensure that data are standardized from year to year, and transport data securely from vessel to final report.

Emphasis will be placed on the reasons for and benefits of standardizing data tables, and the need for quality control tools to enforce those standards.

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