The Sea Ice Loads Software (SILS) is a Monte-Carlo type simulator developed by C-CORE for determining first and multiyear design sea ice loads, following the ISO 19906 methodology. Due to complexities in ice failure mechanics and associated uncertainties, these models are necessarily empirical or require simplifying assumptions. To account for uncertainty, conservatism must be built into models. A number of improvements to the software have recently been implemented in order to more realistically include a number of model components applicable to multi-year ridge loads and limit forces.

This paper provides an overview of new modules accounting for ridge breakout, driving force ramp-up and ridge geometry modeling. Sensitivity runs show that design loads are affected significantly by accounting for these processes, compared to the previous implementation of ISO 19906 in SILS.

The objective of this paper is to present the analytical model components and their implementation in SILS, and to demonstrate the influence of the changes by means of a scenario wherein a vertical sided structure encounters multi-year level ice and ridges.

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