The objective of this paper is to demonstrate active acoustic multibeam sensors usability as an oil detection survey tool under ice. This is a crucial element of all drilling, exploration taking place when there is partial or full ice cover. This paper will discuss some of the preliminary findings done during an experiment conducted as part of the IOGP funded contract.

The paper will discuss the active acoustic detection of oil in the water/oil ice interface, practical results from tests under ice in tank environment will be presented in various stages of ice growth as well as melting phase, practical deployment of large area active acoustic survey tools under ice will be discussed briefly with examples.

Practical results from oil releases under ice during growth and the melting process in US Navy cold water lab CRREL New Hampshire, US. Example of deployment of sensors under ice in USCG trials in Lake Michigan, US. Recommendation for survey tool as well as large survey area coverage methods and interval for operations under ice during oil and gas activities.

Understanding of those topics is essential for safe exploitation of natural resources in ice affected areas, many of the new natural resources are found in those areas.

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