Arctech Helsinki Shipyard is building a new icebreaker for the Finnish Transport Agency. The vessel features the most advanced technology and has been designed especially for the demanding icebreaking operations in the Baltic Sea. The vessel will be delivered by the beginning of 2016 and it will be the first LNG fuelled icebreaker ever built.

The icebreaker will operate all year round to ensure safe seaborne transports in the Baltic Sea. The main purpose of the vessel is icebreaking and assisting of vessels in ice conditions, but it will also be able to perform oil spill response operations, emergency towing and rescue operations under demanding conditions at open sea.

The icebreaking capability of the vessel will be at least equivalent to the most powerful Baltic icebreakers currently in operation. The vessel will be able to move continuously through 1.6 meter thick level ice. In open water the service speed will be 16 knots.

The special hull form and propulsion arrangement have been designed to minimize the ice resistance and maximize the icebreaking capacity. The 21 MW power station consists of a combination of main engines with differing capacity, which enables optimization of the engine load in variable operation conditions. The three azimuthing propulsors will enhance the manoeuvrability and icebreaking performance of the vessel especially in heavy ridged and rafted ice.

The icebreaker will use both low sulphur diesel and LNG as its fuel, which diminishes its emissions and operation costs. The vessel will also fulfill the international IMO Tier III emission standards, when operating with LNG.

The vessel has been designed according to the zero emission principle, which means that no waste or polluting substance will be discharged in the sea. The double hull arrangement protects all the vital tanks on board.

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