SAMCoT is a centre for research-based innovation with long-term funding by the Research Council of Norway and the Energy Industry. In total 22 partners from half a dozen sectors are member of the centre which is a leading national and international centre for the development of robust technology needed by the Industry for sustainable exploration and exploitation of the Arctic region. SAMCoT, Sustainable Arctic Marine and Coastal Technology, started in 2011 and is tasked to meet the engineering challenges due to ice, permafrost and changing climate for the benefit of the energy sector and society. The Arctic research is split into 6 work packages (Data Collection and Process Modelling, Material Modelling, Fixed Structures in Ice, Floating Structures in Ice, Ice Management and Design Philosophy, and Coastal Technology).

This paper will specifically focus on how the Arctic Centre of Excellence is preparing and contributing to the sustainable industry development in the Arctic region. Research and development of new Arctic technology, the implementation of innovative methods in the oil and gas industry, collaborative way of working, and education of the next generation Arctic engineers are highlighted in the paper.

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