Completed and planned metocean and ice measurement programs off Greenland's eastern and western coasts result in large and varied datasets characterizing physical phenomena such as icebergs, sea ice, seabed scours, weather, surface waves, ocean currents, and water properties. Future planned measurement programs will expand on the spatial and temporal breadth of these datasets. Other datasets support the analysis of the measurement data including license area locations, bathymetry, glacier calving areas, and notable submarine features.

In order to plan measurement programs, manage the acquired datasets, and use the data for characterization of the physical environment, a web-based geoportal was designed and developed. The geoportal aids scientists and engineers in their discovery and use of metocean and ice data. The geoportal development required balancing two aspects. Firstly, scientists and engineers have extensive needs to upload, organize, search, visualize, analyze, and download large and varied datasets. Secondly, there are inherent limitations of web technologies due to bandwidth, latency, and security constraints. Many design decisions were focused on balancing these issues and are presented here.

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