Over the past few years, questions surrounding the ice management topic area have become of higher priority for many oil companies who are interested in the Arctic offshore. A key impetus stems from the fact that many of the new Arctic offshore areas of interest lie in moderate to deeper waters, where floating drilling and production operations will be required. In keeping with this "priority theme", an ice management working group has recently been formed under the auspices of the current ISO/TC67/SC8 initiative. The objective is to build upon the foundation of Ice Management Standards included in the Arctic Offshore Structures – International Standard ISO/DIS 19906, to include several identified subject areas and develop a philosophy and logic, covering all potential ice management scenarios, leading to effective, efficient and safe ice management operations.

The work will benefit from the tremendous experience base with real-life ice management activities in the Canadian Beaufort Sea, on Canada's East Coast, offshore Sakhalin Island, in the Caspian Sea and off West Greenland in recent years.

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