This paper describes the application of new proprietary methods for the detection and location of submerged power cables and pipelines that can be applied in Arctic and subarctic regions, as well as beneath unfrozen ground. The methodology and results of the technology are presented. It demonstrates the proven use to locate and position these assets horizontally and at depth. Originally developed for power cable detection and precise positioning of assets located in the Gulf of Mexico, the technology penetrates ice in the same manner as water, while also working successfully on land.


The precise location of assets such as cables and pipelines is critical to safety, reducing environmental impact, maintaining compliance with various agencies, and reducing risk. Conventional methods, such as probing, diving, jetting, and access by environmentally intrusive vehicles, may not be practical or possible in the arctic environment. TerraSond's proprietary system can be towed by a vessel, or operated on land or ice by an individual surveyor.

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