CGG recently acquired the Tabasco multi-client, high-resolution 3D seismic survey on the North Slope of Alaska. It covers 133 sq. mi (Figure 1) and was designed for optimum imaging of the faulting and onlaps in the Cretaceous and Jurassic hydrocarbon-bearing sequences. The survey was the first multi-client survey performed in the area in over a decade. It was acquired in separate northern and southern parts, both of which were processed independently, and saw the first use of many high-end acquisition techniques in the region. It was the first-ever, high-productivity, extended slip-sweep vibroseis program acquired on the North Slope, breaking previously-established records and setting a new standard at 5,000 records gathered in a 24-hr period. It also introduced the proprietary EmphaSeis broadband vibroseis technique, providing a frequency range of 4-80Hz. Thus, the survey delivered a number of innovative solutions in this challenging environment.

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