In this paper the authors report the vertical bending properties of a test chilled gas pipeline and the countermeasures of the bending. A full-scale field experiment of the chilled gas pipeline system was conducted in Fairbanks, Alaska from 1999 to 2005. The length of the test pipeline was 105m and the diameter was 0.9m. The circulated chilled air was –10°C. One-third of the pipeline was buried in frozen ground and the rest of it was placed in talik. At the end of July 2003, circulation of the chilled air ceased, however, monitoring of the thaw settlement-related properties of the test pipeline continued until the middle of April 2005. The following results were presented at the 2nd ATC: 1) As the frost-bulb around the pipeline in talik section formed, the test pipeline in the talik section moved upward, resulting in bending of the pipeline at the boundary. 2) In summers, frozen overburden soil of the pipeline became thinner due to thawing of active layer above. The pipeline buried in frozen section moved upward abruptly, fracturing the thinning frozen overburden ground. 3) The phenomenon mentioned in 2) occurred in successive summers, and the pipeline uplift in frozensection continued. 4) In relation with 1), the upward movement in talik section was confirmed by frost heaving of the pipe foundation. In this report the bending behavior of the test pipeline is described and the several methods to deal with the bending are proposed.

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