Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM) Technology is developed by R&D Center "Transkor-K" (Russia) for assessing safety and integrity of pressurized pipelines of any purpose made of ferromagnetic materials. Quality of assessment is not influenced by transported product (gas-, oil-, water-, or other). MTM is based on the inverse magnetostrictive effect (Villary effect) - the change of the magnetic susceptibility of a ferrous material when subjected to a mechanical stress. Method uses " natural" magnetization of the ferrous pipes by magnetic field of the Earth. MTM equipment remotely registers magnetic field from the pipe while moving along its axis. MTM does not measure the dimensions of geometric defects alone but instead it measures the stress caused by these defects and identifies their type, location and orientation in accordance with the location and orientation of the area of stress. MTM determines the comparative degree of danger of defects by a direct quantitative assessment of the stress-deformed state of the metal.

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