A view of the design process is presented in order to describe the different aspects and activities that together represent an holistic design process that includes both specific requirements for design verification, and knowledge related to other issues that can influence the design. The requirement for design verification using the Limit States Design method is widely understood. Other issues are less well understood, such as the recommendation to consider ice events with annual probability less than that specified for the abnormal-level in the context of overall reliability of the structure. This paper uses the term "beyond abnormal" for these events. Another issue is the influence of operational This paper also offers information and the author's opinions on related issues, such as the definition of design situations, the optional use of reliability targets to support design that includes operational measures, the definitions of events and actions, and a summary of what was actually calibrated for ISO 19906. It is hoped that such issues will be discussed when ISO 19906 is revised and updated.

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