The Arctic Operations Handbook Joint Industry Project (JIP) was set up in 2012 with a focus on the operational activities for transport and installation of fixed, floating and subsea units, as well as for dredging, trenching, pipe laying and floating oil and gas production in Arctic and cold weather conditions. The prime purpose of the JIP was to identify gaps in the existing standards and guidelines. Specific recommendations were subsequently proposed which will hopefully contribute to the development of internationally accepted standards and guidelines.

The project addressed safety and sustainability of offshore operations in the Arctic. This investigation into existing rules, regulations, standards and guidelines was intended to provide a common understanding for the offshore industries. Work groups were formed to execute work packages which were judged to be of prime importance.

Taking into account numerous aspects of the impact of the Arctic on various operations it was considered that the overall risk levels for such operations can be reduced by adopting the outline recommendations including, for instance, those related to weather monitoring and forecasting, environmental impacts, logistics, equipment preparation, vessel operations, training and health and safety management.

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