The extreme conditions and harsh environment for which FPSO's andhydrocarbon gathering facilities are being considered introduces distinctchallenges to effective and efficient project management and execution. The presentation is based on the experiences gathered during the design phasesof two contemporary harsh environment FPSO's and the associated subsea, flowline, pipeline and riser systems (Chevron Rosebank and GAZPROMShtokman). This presentation will focus on the adjustments that must beconsidered to " standard" project execution and management in order toincorporate the elemental distinctions without sacrificing efficiency, logicalsequencing, safety or project schedule. Specifically, the presentationwill focus on the following:

  • Incorporation of severe environment conditions into element design and theassociated effects on project execution planning and sequencing,

  • Recognizing operational adjustments and the influence on design sequenceand basis,

  • Incorporation of weatherization techniques and the effects on layout anddesign sequence, safety (hazards and benefit opportunities),

  • Understanding the distinctive impacts to interface definition and designmanagement, and,

  • Understanding the impacts of narrow weather windows with regard toinstallation, operation and maintenance on design, execution and contractingstrategies.

The paper is intended to inform the audience as to the distinctivecharacteristics of harsh environment design management contrasted with the morefamiliar benign environment design projects.

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