This report describes an updated version of the numerical prediction systemfor oil spilled under sea-ice conditions in the Sea of Okhotsk that wasdeveloped by the authors and presented at ATC 2011 (Paper Number: OTC 22123). Our previous version enabled the computation of high resolution predictions ofthe ice-spilled-oil behavior using only PCs; a one-week forecast of spilled oilbehavior could be computed in a few hours. This previous method computed thebehavior prediction serially: first step, computation of sea-ice behavior forthe entire Okhotsk Sea (grid size of 16 km × 16 km); second, higher resolutioncomputations (grid sizes of 4 km × 4 km or 2 km × 2 km) using the dataresulting from the first step such as ice concentrations and velocities asboundary conditions; third, final computation of predicted sea-ice andspilled-oil behavior; and fourth, processing and displaying the results in agraphical interface. Since shorter computation times would be advantageous foroil-spill cleanup procedures, we modified the previous serial method to enableparallel computation not only to shorten the processing time but also todisplay spilled-oil/sea-ice images as the computation progressed. This paperincludes an example of computed predictions that model the behavior of spilledoil under three conditions, namely, in open water, in water at the margins ofice-covered water, and in ice-covered water, all located near Soya Strait.

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