A test program, undertaken as part of a C-CORE led Joint Industry Program(JIP), was carried out to investigate the limiting strength and failuremechanisms of seabed gouging ice ridge keels. A test frame was designed, fabricated, commissioned and used in the test program. During tests, methodswere developed to build & test large size keel specimens, and surfaceprofile both keel and soil bed before and after test. Testing consisted ofloading the keel with a surcharge force and initiating a horizontal movement ofsoil bed until keel failure was observed. In total, nine keels weremanufactured and tested under a variety of initial confinement pressuresranging from 0 kPa to 75 kPa. Six tests were conducted with a gravel berm andsoil bed and three tests were conducted using a steel (rigid) berm face andgravel soil bed. A summary of the test results and key observations arepresented in this paper.

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