The hunt for further oil and gas recovery from old wells isbooming, and the industry look to new and improved technology for addingseveral years of operational time to exicting wells. New methods like lightwell intervention procedures sets high stress on old wellheads andinfrastructure, and a general increase in development of marginal fields haveraised issues over safety aspects.

Aside from developing improved procedures around cementingoperations, leakage detection and oil spill recovery, additional successfactors will be the ability to monitor pressure and temperature fluctuations inB annulus, as well as finding models and produce technology to manage suchpressure build upsuccessfully.

This paper introduces a new method of B-annulus monitoring using ultrasoundsignals originating from a device in the A-annulus providing measurements basedon time of flight in chambers placed in the B-annulus as a means of determiningthe temperature and pressure in the B-annulus.

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