In August 2010 a 265 km2 ice island calved from the Petermann Glacier innorthern Greenland. Soon after the initial calving event the mass broke intoseveral pieces, some of which exited Baffin Bay and drifted south toward theLabrador coast. By June 2011 PII-A, a large fragment of the initial PetermannIce Island, was situated offshore Labrador and in one week it had moved 225 kmdown the coast. Concern arose that if PII-A continued its trajectory it couldreach the Grand Banks by August 2011, posing a potential risk for existinginfrastructure in the offshore region of Newfoundland. To properly assess thepotential risk a realistic estimate of ice mass was necessary. This in turnrequired field measurements of the ice islands thickness.

A three-day field program was carried out on the Petermann Ice Islands, PII-A and PII-A-a, from June 17–19, 2011. At this time PII-A and PII-A-a weresituated offshore Labrador, Canada, approximately 100 km northeast of the townof Rigolet. Geophysical survey methods, including Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR) and Seismic Reflection, were used to identify the base of the islands andobtain ice thickness measurements at various locations. Eight satellitetracking beacons were deployed on PII-A and one was deployed on PII-A-a. Ablation data, photographs and video footage were also obtained during theprogram. On July 22, 2011, PII-A was revisited while it was situated off thesouthern Labrador coast. GPR measurements were acquired at the pre-existingstations; the measurements allowed for deterioration rates due to surface andbasal melting to be calculated for PII-A. Results of the field measurementsindicate that ice thickness varied between 50 to 80 m on PII-A; the thicknessof PII-A-a was 30 m at a single survey location. Surface melt rates of 2.7–6.3cm day-1 were observed over a 1-day period in June. For the 35-day periodbetween June and July visits, average surface and basal melt of 5.0 cm day-1and 3.4 cm day-1, respectively, were calculated.

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