Running a drilling rig in arctic environments is a challenge in many points. Bentec produced many drilling rigs for arctic conditions in recent years. Bentec go decades of experience with problems and risks in these cases. Therefore Bentec will explain the important challenges with arctic rigs by using neutral examples out of the field.

Operating a drilling rig in arctic environments is one of the hardest challenges for a rig builder and a drilling contractor worldwide.

When a rig is operated in these environments there are many risks and challenges:

  • It begins with the absolutely isolated location of the rig itself - for example the accessibility only at wintertime by winter roads this fact requires a complete other logistic and project planning.

  • Bentec will describe with some examples how the contractors handle a rig commissioning and a rig move.

  • The engineering process of an arctic rig differs completely to a normal rig. It starts with the choice of materials an ends with the complete winterization concept of the rig itself.

  • We explain by using examples out of the field which points during the engineering and design process are important and critical.

  • Writer also shows with examples out of the field how the winterization process of a rig works. Bentec will describe different rig heating concepts and where the advantages and disadvantages are. The Writer will use a land rig and a rig located on an artificial island in arctic environment. Writer will show how an innovative heat recovery system works.

  • Writer show also with which kind of technologies, tools and methods a full rig winterization can be made.

  • Writer also shows many different aspects of an arctic rig and Requirements of the Logistics / Arctic Specific HSE- Management and Maintenance.


The Bentec Arctic Rigs are Drilling Systems for operating in harsh environments such as those found in Siberia. The System is designed to operate on cluster locations, with a full winterization package incorporated into the design. All direct drilling related subsystems are installed on a rail track, allowing fast skidding in one direction. The rig design incorporates not only modern and high performing items; particular focus was set on creating a safe and well protected work area. Components that require a certain level of maintenance are easily accessible and well illuminated.

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