Description of the Proposed Paper:

UMIAQ, LLC (UMIAQ) is a member of the Ukpea??vik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) Family of Companies. UIC was incorporated in 1973 pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act as the Village Corporation of Barrow, Alaska. UIC provides social and economic benefits to more than 2,200 Iñupiat shareholders and incorporates the traditions of our ancestors into our business practices.

UMIAQ was formed to meet the growing service demands of the oil and gas industry operating on the North Slope of Alaska. UMIAQ has technical professionals experienced in strategic planning, permitting, and regulatory compliance. Our understanding of arctic operations and federal, state, and local permitting processes integrated with active local, regional, and regulatory stakeholder engagement has played a key role in advancing energy projects.


This abstract is based on our staff's decades of experience working in the stringent regulatory environment of the oil and gas industry in Alaska; particularly the North Slope. Understanding the unique Social, Political, Operational, Regulatory, and Technical (SPORT) drivers that shape onshore and offshore exploration and development projects is imperative to working in the Arctic. It is anticipated that increased regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny in the wake of the Macondo Blowout will introduce additional delays and regulatory burdens here in Alaska as well as in other domestic offshore settings.

Results, Observations, and Conclusions:

Energy project approvals are negotiated with regulatory decision makers. Laws, regulations, policies, and people dictate successful project approval acquisitions. A regulatory road map that includes frontloading pre-application processes and active approval facilitation surfaces project constraints early, and allows active management of issues including baseline data requirements, project approval criteria, mitigation, and compliance stipulations. Refined approaches and methods have proved successful in securing usable regulatory approvals while minimizing the risk of delays introduced by successful appeals and litigation challenges.

Significance of Subject Matter:

Executing a robust regulatory plan that integrates and balances SPORT drivers with proactive stakeholder outreach plays a key role in advancing energy projects in Alaska.

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