The term digitalization refers to the use of sensors and advanced transmission systems to capture and store real-time data, and the use of information technologies to access and process data through software platforms to improve the decision-making process. Smart asset management means maximizing asset availability and reliability to increase production rates while reducing cost and safety risk.

AGIBA Petroleum Company was founded in 1981 as an Operating Company for the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and IEOC. Permanent hydrocarbon production started from in October 1986 with the inauguration of its main crude oil shipping line in the Western Desert of Egypt.

For mature fields, the remaining field lifetime is brief, investment budgets are constrained, as well as the will to apply new technologies. In this condition, Digital Oilfield solutions need to deliver instant value with low investment. The approach for Digital Oil Field (DOF) implementation in mature fields should depend on simple and relatively low-cost solutions that allow delivering quick wins at any stage of the field lifetime.

The first step towards Agiba DOF solution was deploying a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Telecom Network to accommodate more than 157 oil & water source wells. Data from Well Head Telemetry System (WHTS) sensors, Variable Speed Drives (VSD), and production assets is sent to Remote Terminal Units (RTU). The RTU's used a closed GSM network to transfer the data to the SCADA-HMI Software for visualization.

The system improved asset utilization and reduced the downtime related to planned & unplanned shutdowns of artificial lift wells. In addition to the WHTS, the SCADA monitored crude oil shipping facilities along the main pipeline. The line is 186 km long and handles about 1/3 of total Western Desert crude oil production.

It also optimized field workforce efficiency with remote management and automation tools that reduced environmental and safety risks. The decision-making process was enhanced through the real-time monitoring of artificial lift wells' parameters, which in turn decreased the production downtime due to an efficient problem identification process.

The paper will show the results of Agiba's ten-year expertise in digitalization of mature fields in the areas of operations, production, maintenance, safety, and the environment.

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