More than 25 fields were recently discovered in the Mesozoic reservoirs in the Faghur and Shushan basins, Western Desert region. This can be considered as the biggest onshore discoveries' set in Egypt in the last few years.

Focusing to the Faghur basin, the lower Cretaceous, Jurassic and Paleozoic reservoirs are hydrocarbon bearing targets producing from the fields of Siwa, Kalabsha and west Kalabsha along with many other discoveries recently released in southwest Meleiha area. The exploration of the deepest Jurassic and Palaeozoic plays (Mesozoic and Palaeozoic reservoirs charged from middle Jurassic Khatatba shale) represents an attractive challenge for the future activity in the Northwestern part of Western Desert.

Newly acquired high-resolution 3D seismic dataset, based on state-of-the-art pre-acquisition feasibility study and processing sequences, has largely contributed to the prospects portfolio definition.

Furthermore, a comprehensive set of G&G activities (i.e. structural and sedimentological studies, Petroleum System Modelling at regional and local scale, attribute analysis on the available seismic), lead to an updated plays definition, trap mapping and analysis together with a state-of-the-art assessment of the explorative risk.

Exploration drilling campaign resulted into five successful discoveries occurred in 2018/19 in Faghur Basin. Project optimization in drilling and production were performed reducing CAPEX and time to market.

After oil and gas discoveries, IEOC obtain the first development lease in Faghur Basin operated by Agiba Petroleum Company, resulting in a good production performance with seven wells.

As overall results, Agiba company oil production has been increased with average 10,000 bopd, reflecting very good results of integration among Exploration, Drilling, Development and Reservoir management.


The area of interest corresponds to the northern geological domain of the Western Desert. In particular it covers part of Faghur basin, which is considered one the most prolific basins in the entire Western Desert (Fig. 1).

Faghur is the westernmost sub-basin of the Egyptian Western Desert rift system. Exploration started there in the late 1950's encouraged by success to the west in the basins of Libya. However, the first commercial discovery was not made until 2006.

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