The drilling industry is eager to take full advantage of new AI technologies and walk its way up towards full automation and digitalization. The path, however, is not devoid of hurdles, and the lack of trustful and always reliable data is perhaps the number one. We developed a tool to tell if all data are complete and reliable and show the benefits to Company's IT infrastructure.

On the surface the tool is a simple web-app that shows real-time data-quality plots for many drilling operations (surface log, fluids, mudlog, ..) with more than > 100 KPIs. In the background runs the engine that actually crunches all these calculations. Briefly, every incoming WITSML file undergoes a sanity check (data-quality pipeline) before being saved to Company's databases and dispatched to the various drilling analytics. If the data quality is poor, actions are taken (automatic alerts) and the analytics outputs are dealt with extra care, since we now know that they may not be reliable.

The tool has been extensively tested and has now become a central player in Company's data ingestion pipeline. After few months of operation, we can already start to see tangible improvements throughout the whole IT infrastructure, mainly: o The human workload related to fixing/cleaning the data has been reduced. Analytics’ maintenance has also been reduced since it is easy to spot problem that only comes from the data. o The tool downloads by default all due data in order to assess their quality, thus, no more data is going to be missed just because it wasn't downloaded from external WITSML servers when it was available.

Furthermore, all these measurements allow Eni to more precisely assess the performance of the service providers with respect to their due diligence and to estimate the cost/time savings achievable when all operations related to data transmission and exchange are optimal.

The tool exploits the ETP (Energistisc Transfer Protocol) at full power for real-time data acquisition, enabling all analytics to trustworthy operate in the real-time domain. Furthermore, it establishes a direct communication channel with the staff of service contractor companies, allowing for fast diagnostics and clear exchange of information whenever troubles occur, reducing the overhead due to difficult technical communication and troubleshooting.

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